The technologies that are used and marketed by Rare Earth Recycling Technologies (RERT) have emerged out of research that was undertaken at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa.  RERT was established to commercialise these technologies, by the provision of a service to process locally recovered luminophorous powders by using the technology, as well as by selling the technology as a package to other e-waste recyclers internationally.  The luminophorous powder processing facility is capable of treating the powder produced from up to 30 million fluorescent light bulbs.


Research into further improvements to the technology, as well as new technologies for alternative e-waste streams is ongoing.  RERT aims to provide processing solutions for the recycling of rare earth metals and other valuable components from a variety of electronic waste (e-waste) fractions.  The treatment of the luminophorous powder fraction from recycled fluorescent light bulbs is the first process that has been developed.


Essentially, we produce valuable materials, such as rare earth metals, from e-waste, thereby preventing the hazardous e-waste materials from being disposed of in landfill sites.

We provide technological solutions for the recovery and recycling of rare earth metals from electronic waste (e-waste) streams, while at the same time reducing the environmental effect of these streams.


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