Protecting people,

protecting the environment

and promoting a greener



To supply the technologies

 that we develop to e-waste recycling companies from around the world, whilst

at the same time providing a

service for the treatment of

e-waste in South Africa.


To develop and operate technologies

that protect people and the environment

by the treatment and recycling of

various hazardous e-waste


Recycling of Rare Earth Metals from E-Waste

Rare Earth Recycling Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African company that provides novel solutions for the recovery and recycling of rare earth metals from electronic waste (e-waste) streams, while at the same time reducing the environmental effect of this e-waste.  The offered solutions include a process to recover rare earth metals from waste luminophorous powders, in addition to other processes that are currently being researched.  Our research is undertaken at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in Durban, South Africa


Our aim is to assist in the protection of people and the environment through the development of green technologies to perform these recovery and recycling requirements.  In recovering valuable components from the e-waste streams, we hope to unlock the capability to reduce the e-waste recycling costs, thereby making e-waste recycling a viable option.  Our offered services include the treatment of luminophorous powders from the South African market, as well as the sale of the technology, as a fully operational process plant, worldwide.

What We Stand For

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