The RERT designed and constructed LPX Luminophorous Powder Recycling Plant, utilises a patented chemical process to produce valuable rare earth metals, such as Yttrium oxide and Europium oxide, from the fine residues (luminophorous powders) generated by a lamp recycling system. This chemical process makes use of hydrometallurgical and solvent extraction operations to produce high purity rare earth metal oxides, while simultaneously capturing toxic components, such as mercury.

The process is automated, with minimal operator input required for operation.

LPX Luminophorous Powder Recycling Plant

Luminophorous Powder Treatment Process

We operate the first of our LPX Luminophorous Powder Recycling Plants in Durban, South Africa, and have the capability to process the luminophorous powder produced from the recycling of up to 30 million bulbs per year.  This service provides a mechanism for South African producers of luminophorous powders to have their luminophorous powder treated in an environmentally friendly manner.

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LPX Luminophorous Powder Recycling Plant
Luminophorous Powder

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